Monday, June 16, 2008

Can't We All Just Get Along?

Fighting to be board chair
By T. Keung Hui

Rosa Gill, chairwoman of the school board, has got a coup d’état on her hands.

As noted in today’s article, Gill faces opposition in her bid to be re-elected to a one-year term as chairwoman on Tuesday. Even though Lori Millberg won’t comment, she’s cited by other board members as being Gill’s challenger.

It’s leading to some interesting bedfellows. For instance, Ron Margiotta is backing Gill despite their many public tiffs. “I believe Rosa has done a good job in reaching out to the community,” Margiotta said. Margiotta cited the meetings that Gill has held over the past year with local officials. For instance, he cited how Apex Mayor Keith Weatherly, a frequent critic of the school district, praised Gill for meeting with the mayors and legislators. Margiotta also called Gill a “healer” and said “there isn’t a dishonest bone in her body.”

The rumors have also had Patti Head considering another run for chairwoman. But Head said she has no interest in being chairwoman again after having held the job for two years.
However, Head didn’t comment on whether she’s interested in being vice chairwoman, the job now held by Beverley Clark. Horace Tart said it’s been floated to have Millberg as chairwoman and Head as vice chairwoman.

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I have to ask, Why don't they compromise and let Ron Margiotta be chair? Works for me.