Friday, August 15, 2008

NFIB Endorses Pat McCrory for NC Governor

Last week I left you all hanging regarding an upcoming announcement by the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) regarding their endorsement of a candidate in North Carolina’s statewide elections. Hey, I couldn’t give away the ending or you’d never go see the movie right? ;-) Well, today was the big day.

NFIB, the voice of small business, officially announced their endorsement of Charlotte Mayor Pat McCrory for Governor of North Carolina in a press conference at your favorite automotive shop and mine, Frantz Automotive Center. Over 60 small business owners, local residents, elected officials, and representatives from NFIB were on hand to take part in the event. The place was packed! But hey, Pat McCrory was here – where would YOU rather be? ;-)

I could give a detailed report of events, but I’m not reporting – I’m blogging. ;-) In a nutshell: NC NFIB State Director Gregg Thompson spoke about NFIB and their membership, I spoke from a small business owner’s perspective, NFIB Leadership Council Chair Claude Pope officially announced the endorsement, then Pat McCrory -batting clean up - drove us all home with a great speech. See? You feel like you were here already don’t you?

Everyone had a great time and really appreciated the opportunity to meet the next Governor of North Carolina. He was very gracious with his time making sure to speak to everyone in attendance - he ended up leaving well after his scheduled departure time. We helped maximize his time the best we could by changing the oil in his car while he was here. And yes he paid for the service.

Many thanks to NFIB for all they do to support small business not only in North Carolina, but all across our great nation, and many thanks to North Carolina NFIB members for electing to support Mayor Pat McCrory as our next Governor. As the Grail Knight in Indiana Jones said, “You have chosen wisely”.