Sunday, August 31, 2008

RNC update #1

Hello from Minneapolis - St. Paul!

We arrived on Saturday morning and I must say that from what I have seen of the Twin Cities thus far I am very impressed. The North Carolina and New Mexico Delegations are staying at the Holiday Inn Metrodome in Downtown Minneapolis. I'm on the 8th floor and have a great view of the I 35 bridge rebuilding efforts. This is the bridge that collapsed August of last year.

I want to thank local law enforcement for their outstanding police work in uncovering possible riots planned by an anarchist group calling themselves the "RNC Welcoming Committee". Weapons such as bows and arrows, a pistol, and baseball bats, as well as tire spikes and even 5 gallon pales of urine were seized from these "peaceful protesters". See related story HERE.

Holly Springs Councilman Vinnie Debenedetto and I had lunch at "The Corner" across from the hotel - killer pizza! And after a much needed nap :-) members of the NC Delegation and Young Republicans went to the Spaghetti Factory for dinner. The Spaghetti Factory building used to be an old tractor factory - very cool atmosphere. After dinner we went to the Hard Rock Cafe, and Trocadero's.

Gotta run pick up credentials and get ready for our first meeting. Talk to ya later!