Monday, September 1, 2008

RNC update #2

After breakfast and credentials pick up a number of delegates from North Carolina decided to do a little sight seeing. Where did we go? Well the mall of course! But not just any mall; we went to The Mall of America - the largest mall in the nation. I have never seen anything like this place in my life. The mall has an indoor amuesment park - complete with roller coasters, ferris wheel, and even a log ride - seriously! And these aren't little wussie rides or cheap loose bolt state fair contraptions either - these are quality rides like you would find at a Six Flags theme park.

Afterwards all delegates and guests attended Civic Fest at the Minneapolis - St. Paul Convention Center. We had a blast. Civic Fest was designed to showcase history through memorabilia and models - there was even a mock up of Air Force One, a model of the White House, Ronald Reagan and FDR's limosines, and authentic gowns from nearly every first lady. I really love learning more about history so this was a real treat for me. Afterwards we went to Preston's Urban Pub for dinner. Tommorow the convention begins!