Thursday, September 4, 2008

RNC update #6

I’m getting behind in my updates – sorry!

Tuesday’s convention activities were by far the most memorable yet.

The day started off with all NC Delegates heading to the LoTo Life Café in St. Paul for a lunch reception sponsored by Crumley and Associates. This was a wonderful event and a good opportunity for NC Delegates to get to know each other better.

Afterwards it was off to the photographer to have our NC Delegation photo taken. Finding the photographer however was easier said than done. ;-) The maze of buildings and security fencing we had to navigate was a bit challenging to say the least. There was one bright spot however; along our “journey” we ran into none other than former Texas Congressman Tom Delay.

After we took our photograph we returned to the Excel Center just in time for the start of the convention. And what a convention it was!

While there were a number of memorable speeches – the highlight for me was the tribute to fallen Navy SEAL Michael Monsoor and other national heros including former POWs and Medal of Honor recipients. Michael Monsoor’s sister was in attendance - and like everyone else in the building, she was clearly moved by the tribute to her brother. Many, included myself, cried. Now I say “most everyone” because there was one individual that clearly did not appear to appreciate the ultimate price paid by these American heros; MSNBC News correspondent David Gregory. Throughout standing ovation after standing ovation he continued to sit casually in his chair, appearing disinterested, and almost disgusted. Sad.

First Lady Laura Bush introduced President George Bush who spoke to the convention via satellite from the White House. Unfortunately the President could not attend the convention in person as he is tending to the aftermath of Hurricane Gustav; clearly a more important use of his time. The President did say however that since Laura Bush was there to stand in for him that we traded up. ;-)

Former Senator Fred Thompson spoke next. Now I have been a fan of Thompson for years and have heard him give a number of speeches, but NEVER have I heard him deliver as dynamite a speech as he did last night. It was a 468 foot drive over the center field fence! He accurately and in no uncertain terms identified the clear differences between Senator McCain and Obama.

Senator Joe Lieberman batted clean up and spoke to McCain’s character, and the importance of electing a proven leader during these trying times in our nation’s history. My favorite line was when Lieberman, speaking to John McCain’s ability to work across party lines said, “If John McCain is just another partisan Republican, then I am Michael Moore’s favorite Democrat. ;-) Kudos to Joe for taking a stand and supporting who he believes is best for our country – not who his party (or should I say former party?) says he should support. Joe will be punished for his speech and he knows it, yet the future of our country is more important to him than his political future. While I don’t agree with Joe all the time, he is a man of integrity and has my utmost respect.

What a night!