Monday, December 22, 2008

Let's Do Lunch.

Wake may boost prices for school meals
While other Triangle schools raised prices, the Wake system held off, but that may change
T. Keung Hui - Staff Writer
Published: Mon, Dec. 22, 2008 12:30AM
Modified Mon, Dec. 22, 2008 05:23AM

RALEIGH -- The recession could cause even more problems for Wake County families: higher school breakfast and lunch prices.

Wake school administrators are warning that gloomy economic conditions will force them to raise meal prices next year unless they receive more state or federal money. Wake has been one of last school districts in the state to hold out against raising prices.....

.....At that meeting, school board member Ron Margiotta grilled Moody about reports in the Carolina Journal, a weekly publication owned by the conservative John Locke Foundation. The Journal reported that a school district audit resulted in 64 percent of families losing or getting reduced lunch benefits.

The federal government requires school districts to audit 3 percent of families receiving subsidized lunches whose incomes are very close to the limits for determining eligibility.

There IS a Free Lunch — In Schools
Review shows many parents misstate income on school lunch forms
By David N. Bass
July 21, 2008

RALEIGH — Many families in North Carolina lie about their income when applying for the free and reduced-lunch program in public schools, and a lack of oversight by government officials allows the fraud to go unchecked, an investigation by Carolina Journal shows.

.....According to child nutrition officials in each district, Buncombe County Schools and Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools conducted no verifications for cause during the last two school years. Wake County Schools verified two applicants for cause this school year and less than 10 last year, while New Hanover County Schools verified no applicants for cause this year and an unspecified number last year.....

.....“This really calls into question the school board’s assignment policies,” said Tony Gurley, a Wake County commissioner, in response to the verification data. Gurley and other county commissioners have tussled with the school board over a host of issues, including school construction funding.

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