Thursday, July 17, 2008

Say What?

Well, if I was in Congress I actually couldn’t say it. But since I’m not, here ya go.

Congress, in their infinite wisdom, is apparently trying to stifle its members from communicating with their constituents through blogs, social websites such as Facebook or Twitter, and other forms of electronic communication. Seriously. See related news story here.

Congressional leaders claim it’s about fairness and taxpayer protection. In reality it’s about control.

What happened to freedom of speech? What happened to openness in government?

Note to Congress: If you don’t agree with something one of your members posted online, start your own blog and rebut. Better yet - considering many of you have been there since the Stone Age, and probably aren’t that familiar with the internet yet - get one of your computer savvy assistants to set up a blog for you. Heck, if I can do it - so can you. It costs you nothing but your time.

We need greater transparency in government, not less. No wonder Congress’ approval rating is at 18%.