Saturday, April 18, 2009

Hate Mail

A few people have asked recently, "do you get any hate email as a member of council?"


They typically don't bother me as I have thick skin and I sleep well at night believing in the decisions I make. I realize I will never make everyone happy - nor do I try to. I do my very best to respond to every email I receive and explain my actions or decisions. Once in a while however council gets an email that, well, deserves an appropriate response. ;-) I received the email below from a "Mr. Albert Einstein" (obviously not his real name).

Subject: Please make sure the new Cary Recycle Monster Wheel Bins are not the same color as the Monster Trash Bins...........



CC: ":barry.saunders";;;;;;

Date: Fri, 27 Mar 2009 02:06:30 -0400

Please make sure the new Cary Recycle Monster Bins are not the same> color as the Monster Trash Bins.........

Please use another color.............

How about pink???? Like your new prison clothes......

I think it is a good idea for automated recycle pick up like the trash pick up with the big bins with wheels. If it will be SORTED....

But someone still has to sort it at some time????

We all know the recyclables will just be lumped together and dumped into the same trash pits as the trash. So who are you fooling????

We will ride the trucks and vote you pathetic pukes out and into jail.

AE :)
Cary, NC

PS. If recyclables where valuable; some one buy them and government would not have to charge for them to be carted away.....

Here is my response:

Dear Al,

Thank you so much for taking the time to contact council - and everyone at the news and observer - with your thoughts regarding Cary's new automated recycling program. While pink would have been a great color for the recycle bins (my personal favorite was actually Carolina Blue), this is Cary - anything other than a shade of beige would be unacceptable. We have an image to maintain after all. Besides, Cary's trash containers are green, and green and pink just don't go well would look pukey.

You'll be happy to know that once all of the recyclables are collected, they will in fact be sorted. Changes to Cary's recycling program are being made for the following reasons:

a) To accommodate the addition of new materials (junk mail, mixed paper, chip board and phone books)

b) Employee safety

c) Cost reduction - 5 year payback ($600,000 per year in annual operating expenses)

That's right, Al. Those old phone books that you have been using for a booster seat at your parent's kitchen table can now be recycled. How cool is that?

Thank you for sharing your thoughts regarding Cary's recycling program. I really appreciate your passion for better protecting our environment. Cary has become the wonderful place to live in that it is thanks to compassionate and caring citizens such as yourself.

If I can be of any further assistance please let me know.

Don Frantz
Cary Town Council District B

Now I can respect a difference of opinion. I do not respect anonymous insults.

Ya, I get some hate mail. And sometimes so do others. :-)