Sunday, May 17, 2009

Letter to the Editor

Sent to the News and Observer:

Regarding Mr. Keung Hui's May 12 report Dissent erupts at schools forum; I have to ask, “What forum was Mr. Hui at anyways?”

I mean, he couldn’t have been at the Town of Cary’s Climate for Student Success Forum as he reported. I was there, as were a number of elected officials and community leaders and parents from across the county. I saw no “eruption of dissent”. I did however hear 3 ½ hours of innovative ideas and opinion from our guest speakers Elaine McEwan and Amy Holcombe. At the conclusion of the forum both citizens and elected officials were given the opportunity to ask questions of our guests. Everyone did so in a professional manner.

I also wonder why (not really - I know why) the only “organizer" of the event Mr. Hui chose to mention in his opinion piece – oops, I mean report - was Kathleen Brennan, a co-founder of WakeCARES, the parent group who recently lost a Supreme Court ruling. For some reason Mr. Hui forgot to mention the other organizers which included members of the town council, WCPSS committees, PTA’s, and other local civic groups.

We at the Town of Cary believed a diverse group of organizers beneficial to ensuring a balanced and non-biased forum as possible. I thought diversity was a good thing?

Don Frantz
Cary Town Council District B

(we'll see if they print it)