Monday, November 2, 2009


Tomorrow, November 3 is Election Day. Go vote.

What’s that you say? You don’t think your vote matters? Think again.

I lost my first election by 130 votes. I won my last election by 48 votes.

Wake County School Board Candidate John Tedesco missed winning outright in last month’s school board elections by 38 votes.

Cary Councilwoman Jennifer Robinson came 4 votes short of winning Cary’s District A seat outright last month.

Al Franken ring a bell? Ya, I know – a dumbbell. ;-) But you get the point…I hope.

Voter turnout in municipal elections rarely breaks 13%, yet local officials impact our daily lives more so than that of our state and federal representatives. Apathy is often times a local official’s worst enemy.

Cary district A voters have the opportunity to head back to the polls tomorrow to either cast their ballot for change (whatever that means), or reaffirm Cary Councilwoman Jennifer Robinson’s leadership over the last ten years. Regardless of your preferred candidate I challenge each and every one of you to do just that - GO VOTE. And while you’re at it, call your friends and neighbors and encourage them to go vote. Drag your co-worker out of his cubicle and get him or her to the polls. Volunteer to drive someone without transportation. Allow your employees extra time during lunch so they may go vote. You never know, your vote just might decide Cary’s leadership and direction for the next four years.

Actually, I know it will.