Friday, March 18, 2011

Hostage Situation Update.

Many of you have been asking for updates regarding the attempted bank robbery and hostage situation that occurred at the Wachovia Bank in West Cary in February. Unfortunately there isn’t much I can tell you as the State Bureau of Investigation has not completed their investigation as of yet.

I would however like to share some information I discovered on my own.

I am sure most of you are aware that one of the hostages, Mr. Lee Everett, has filed a complaint with the Cary Police Department alleging he was mistreated because he is black. The hostage-taker was black. Cary PD detained Mr. Everett until they could verify he was not the suspect.

Mr. Everett’s attorney, Mr. Alan (Al) McSurely sent the following letter to the town.

The name Al McSurely sounded very familiar to me – but I couldn’t place it so I Googled it.

The Duke Lacrosse case.

Mr. McSurely was (maybe still is) the attorney and legal director for the North Carolina NAACP during this fiasco. You can learn more about his efforts during the Duke Lacrosse case here, here, here and here. Please read and come to your own conclusions.

Mr. McSurely also happens to be the agent of organization of NC Fire! Films and Books LLC. - the publishing company created to publish Ms. Crystal Mangum’s (Duke Lacrosse accuser) book titled “Last Dance for Grace”.


Mr. McSurely also represented the family of a Mr. Gil Barber in a civil lawsuit against the Guilford County Sheriff’s Department and Deputy Thomas Gordy.

Mr. Barber – after crashing his car – broke into a nearby church and desecrated the property. Deputy Gordy responded to the call and found Mr. Barber inside the church…naked. Mr. Barber attacked Deputy Gordy. During the altercation Mr. Barber was able to gain control of Deputy Gordy’s weapon and shot the Deputy twice before he could regain control of his firearm, shooting and killing Mr. Barber.

Deputy Gordy should have received a commendation. Instead he was sued and called a murderer…by the family and representatives of the man who tried to kill him.

So who did win an award?

I’m sorry I can’t provide any greater details than that above, but at least now you know a little more about the man representing Reverend Lee Everett.

I wonder why the media has failed to report any of this???

On second thought, no I don’t.