Thursday, April 17, 2008

Tastes Great! Less Filling!

Even our water is better!

...."The water from OWASA, which serves Chapel Hill and Carrboro, had a mineral aftertaste and felt a little heavy on the tongue. Raleigh's water had an earthiness that one taster really liked, while another described it as reminiscent of swimming hole water, like when you go for a dip in a lake and inadvertently get a mouthful. Oddly, the water from Garner tasted more processed and milky, even though it had been through the same treatment system as the Raleigh water.
Offerings from Johnston County and Durham both smacked of chemicals and seemed lighter on the tongue, almost disappearing before we could swallow them. Durham water was especially pungent, with overtones of swimming pool that were off-putting.

The water from Cary, wouldn't you know it, most closely approached the ideal. It had no chemical taste and no mineral taste. It did not feel overly heavy on the tongue, but didn't disappear as if it were trying to slip by before you really tasted it either. It was clean and crisp and refreshing."

Cary Rocks!