Sunday, April 13, 2008

Week In Review

One of the reasons I started this blog was to give you an idea of what I actually do as a member of the town council. Well, in a nutshell it's lot's of meetings with citizens, interest groups, elected officials and members of town staff, email....TONS of email, worksessions, and ultimately making policy decissions at public meetings. This week was actually kinda light....and it couldn't have happened at a better time ;-)

Monday night was our council meeting - I already spoke to that earlier so enough said there.

On Tuesday I attended NC Senator Richard Stevens' campaign kick-off event at Cafe' Luna in downtown Raleigh. I've had the pleasure of knowing Senator Stevens for a few years now and I have always been impressed with the job he has been doing in the legislature over the last 6 years - and apparantly I'm not the only one because the place was packed! Not only was this a very fun event, but it provided a nice opportunity to speak to our state legislators in attendence regarding issues pertaining to Cary, and our state's legislative agenda.

Wednesday I met with citizens regarding an issue in their neighborhood, and on Thurday I met with a great guy named George - last name witheld to protect the innocent :-) He's a downtown resident and activist. We met at Mac's Tavern (great place for a meeting btw!) and talked downtown (one of my favorite subjects). Meeting with citizens is important to me - it helps me stay in touch and truly understand their perspective on the issue(s) - but meeting with them over a beer is even better. ;-)

On Saturday I attended the Grand Opening of Second Chance Pet Adoptions on Highway 54, and participated in their ribbon cutting ceremony (it was actually yarn though....cats - get it?). Great people and a wonderful facility. If any of you reading this are looking for an animal to adopt - check this place out. And on Saturday Night I was at the Cary High School IMP Club reverse raffle fundraiser. I didn't win the car again.....go figure.

Today I am bloggin, and working on the script for the May edition of Cary Matters. I've never written anything for TV before so this oughta be good.....I think.