Saturday, April 26, 2008

Week In Review 4/21/08 - 4/26/08

On Monday I had a meeting with key members of town staff regarding the town's budget. This year is a little different than most due to the recent property revaluations. Council has made it clear that we intend to keep our new tax rate revenue neutral - no games here. We also discussed non-profit funding....something I am struggling with.

Monday evening we taped the May edition of Cary Matters. I was this month's host and my guest was Mayor Pro Tem Julie Robison. While the taping took a bit longer than anticipated, I believe all in all it will be a very informative show. Our topics included our state legislative agenda, sidewalks, and an aquatics update. If the show stinks it's my fault - I wrote the script. If the show rocks, well that's because I'm such a great script writer! :-)

Tuesday evening council had another work session on mixed use development. The main focus of this meeting was to discuss changes relating to the mixed use development approval process. A mixed use sketch plan, after an initial neighborhood meeting that has always been required, will now go to the Planning and Zoning Board before coming to council. If the P+Z board approves of the plan, they can then send it to council for final vote. Should P+Z not approve of the plan they will now have two options - 1) send the plan to a community workshop where the applicant and adjoining landowners/residents can work to improve it, or 2) deny it. Should the plan go to the community workshop, it would then go back to the P+Z board once again before coming to council for decision. I have mixed emotions on this one.... I guess we'll see how it goes.

Wednesday evening councilman Jack Smith and I met with key staff members regarding the downtown street scape project. I am very pleased with how this project is moving along, although it turns out right-of-way acquisition will take longer than expected. One suggestion I did have however dealt with finding additional ways to fund the project. There will be a lot of bricks used in the construction of the town square. Everyone has heard of those buy-a-brick programs where you purchase a brick, and your family or business name is engraved on it prior to placement right? Well, it sounded like a good idea to me.

After our street scape meeting we hustled over to the Mathews House on Chatham Street for the annual Cary Chamber of Commerce Elected Officials Reception. Numerous elected officials were in attendance....which required bumping the thermostat down to 60 degrees because of all the hot air in the building. ;-) This was a very fun event and thanks to all who worked so hard to make it a success.

Thursday evening was our council meeting, and I already blogged that so nuff said there.

Friday, believe it or not, was a free day!.....unless you count working my day job from 7-6. ;-)